Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) - Latest Assessment:

We are proud to be one of only four University Psychology institutions being officially rated as performing "well above world standard" (ERA rating of 5). Neurosciences were also awarded a rating at this highest level (one of only three Universities in Australia).

Research conducted by the Neuroscience Group falls into four core areas:


Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience: attention, memory, language, decision-making and emotion-related functions

Sensory systems: development, plasticity and evolution

Neuroimmunology: influence on peripheral immune suppression

Developmental Neuroscience: normal and abnormal neural development


Our approaches:


We use Brain Imaging and traditional Psychophysiology methods such as skin conductance and heart rate

We also conduct animal behaviour experiments to study cognition and social behavior

We contribute to basic Neuroscience as well as to a better understanding of neurological disorders